Friday, January 10, 2014


There is also a nicer, easier to read copy of this pattern in my "Patterns" section with a photo of the finished hairband.

These hairbands are really quick and fun to crochet, ideal for charity bazaars. Here are the instructions to crochet them:
MATERIALS: Cascade Fixation (98.3% cotton, 1.7% elastic). This yarn is ideal for this project as it makes a very soft and stretchy headband, very comfortable for those fussy tweenies and teens and it comes in some great girly colours and also in black, dark purple plus more. 1 ball makes two or three hairbands depending on the size of hairband. 1 ball makes 3 child sized hairbands.
**** 1 x 4mm (US-size G, UK and Canadian-size 8) crochet hook. Using a smaller hook will make a smaller hairband as seen in above photos. Please use the size hook you are most comfortable with using. A 4mm hook suited me the best, it may not suit you. Exact gauge does not matter so much with the finished size in this project.
 **** 1 x knitters and tapestry sewing needle big enough to thread this yarn.
INSTRUCTIONS: (Please note: These instructions are written using U.S. crochet terminology). Ch 17 loosely leaving an end long enough to sew hairband together later on.
Row 1: (Right side) Dc in fourth ch from hook (3 skipped chs count as first dc),dc in each remaining ch across to end (15dc).
Row 2: Ch3, (counts as first dc, now and throughout), turn; dc in next 3dc, 3ch, tr in next dc, (skip next 2dcs, tr in next ch) twice, ch3, dc in last 4chs.
Row 3 and 4: Ch3, turn; dc in next 3dc, ch3, skip next ch-3 space, sc in next 3 trebles, ch 3, skip next ch-3 space, dc in last 4dc.
Row 5: Ch3, turn; dc in next 3dc, skip next 3ch space, tr in next sc, (ch2, tr in next sc) twice, skip next 3ch space, dc in last 4dc.
Rows 6 and 7: Ch3, dc in each stitch across, including chs, (ie you do not need to put hook into the actual ch stitches themselves just dc "under and around" each ch)(15dc).
Repeat Rows 2-7 five times plus rows 2-6 once more for an adult or teenager’s hairband or until desired length ie one less repeat for a young child.
You should have two thread ends left. To finish off; sew in one of the ends and use the other to hand stitch the two ends of the hairband together neatly with a flat seam using a sewing needle, as described above under "materials".

Copyright: CateW, November 7th 2011. Please do not post or publish this pattern elsewhere and use only for personal or charitable uses.