Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm back and ready to blog with a new look blog!!

Hi All,
         Here I am again after a break from blogging. Some of you may have been a follower of my previous blog, by the same name as this one. This blog is new and improved and I hope you will enjoy reading about my charity crafting exploits, craft tips and other things I get myself involved in. ( that's bad English isn't to end a sentence in a preposition. Oh well you know what I mean at least)
        Since the last time I wrote in my last blog I have started a social craft-based group at my local Neighbourhood House, become ever more involved in the CWA of Victoria ( ie Country Women's Association Of Victoria). I'm now media officer as well as crafts leader and the producer of the annual syllabus (ie list of activities), which I also organise and run, at my local branch.
        I still have a monthly charity crafts stall at a local crafts market and run Crafters for Charity ( and raise funds for The Fred Hollows Foundation ( We've now raised over $50,000 for charity now with the sales of our craftwork.  We have a good following of regular customers at the local craft market where we sell our work.
       I'd like to say a little more about the social group I run. We started out with just just a few of us attending regularly but now we have nine regulars. It's a brilliant group of women who've also become good friends. We have a good laugh, a chat and share some food and have tea and coffee over a three hour period although members may treat our group like a drop-in and come for the time they can manage. I'm not pernickity about how long they stay and when they turn up and leave. It's very relaxed, fun and loud! We've got this little room to have our "meetings" in at the moment but it won't take long and we'll be occupying a larger room. We could have it now but I don't want to displace the scrabble group just yet until we really are very squeezed in on a regular basis. We don't do too much craftwork I might add although we do discuss casually what each of us is working on etc and show off our new pattern books etc but it is mostly social. We talk about all sorts of things and learn as we go by sharing information and experiences.
I recommend this type of group to everyone. If you have a chance to join a relaxed group like this do so or better still start one yourself if there isn't one in your area. It's sooo much fun. Each meeting only costs each of us $2.50 to attend to cover insurance at the venue. It's so hassle free too.

Anyhow that's enough about my new group, now over two years young!! How time flys!!

I'll be back in the weeks to come to post some extremely inexpensive craft projects, one using butterfly paper clips to make angels and the other using recycled greetings and Christmas cards to make beautiful decorations. 

All the Best!
CateW :0)