Tuesday, February 3, 2015

MORE TIPS for sourcing crafts supplies and ideas for charity crafting.

Hi Everyone!
I know it's been ages since I blogged but I've been busy putting theory into practice and raising heaps of funds for charity by making and selling good quality, unique craftwork at reasonable prices. Sounds like advertising spin doesn't it, lol? Please forgive me I'm bursting to tell you a few more tips about great sources of charity crafting knowledge.

To all the world's hardworking, creative and amazing craft-based guilds, clubs and groups a hearty apology to you all also: I have been very remiss in not mentioning, in my previous article, that guilds, clubs and groups are excellent sources for pattern ideas and supplies, many having their own libraries, not to mention all the resources members have at home who may be willing to share, including advice and lessons in your chosen craft. Also many crafting "societies" and "communities" have swap meets and sales where you can buy, swap or sell craft supplies at very reasonable prices.

This maybe worth a try: I once put an ad in a newspaper requesting crochet patterns particularly vintage ones as I wanted to save them from the rubbish tip and establish a good library of patterns. Not only did I succeed in acquiring many unique vintage crochet patterns from the days when women really did very fine needlework I also made many long term friendships which still hold true today. *** A word of warning if you do advertise in a newspaper for donations of patterns or craft supplies please don't publish your full name or home address. Ask the newspaper to pass any messages onto to you or simply publish your mobile (cell phone) number and first name. If you are looking for a particular very hard to find pattern or crafts supply this may one way to go however. My city newspaper has a "Desperately Seeking....." column and although it mostly features people searching for other people they've lost contact with, some people I've seen have put in requests for donations of wool, or particular knitting patterns for instance. I know I have answered some of these requests myself and have spoken to some wonderful people who've made such requests often with wonderful results especially if readers know they are trying to do something for charity...... so do mention the cause you are supporting or the charity crafts project that you are endeavouring to fulfill.

I hope this additional information is of help to those of you seeking inexpensive crafting resources.

All the Best and Happy Crafting!