Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Check this cross-stitch out.......so cute!!!

Cross-stitched "Flower Power" VW beetle and caravan hitched up ready to go!!

Closer up shot of the Beetle

Closer up view of the caravan.

Hi All!
This is a fantastic cross-stitched card a friend from my social craft group stitched to give to a friend about to go on a caravanning holiday. Talk about "flower power"!!! I love the cute little VW beetle, the caravan and the blue colours in it. What a great going away gift!!
I couldn't resist sharing it with you.
All the Best!
Cate :0)


  1. please can i get this pattern for our charity: rainbowpillows.nl
    thanks dinie

    1. Hi Dinie!
      Please e-mail me your snail mail address to c4c2000@bigpond.net.au and I'll see if i can get hold of a copy of the pattern and send it to you by snail mail. No promises though as I do not have the pattern myself . I must ask a friend for it. Fingers crossed I can help you. Please add "caravan x-st pattern" in your subject heading of your e-mail to me so I will know not to delete it as spam. All the Best! CateW :0)