Sunday, September 4, 2011

Link and my pics of great crocheted FINGERLESS GLOVES pattern.

How to wear the fingerless gloves.

The lacy fingerless gloves I crocheted for my Fred Hollows Charity stall as per URL given below. A very nice pattern and very simple to crochet.

A close up view of the stitching.

Hi All!
It's been quiet here for a while. I haven't posted anything here for a time since I've been busy working on items for my charity crafts stall for The Fred Hollows Foundation: crocheted Lotus neck scarves, crocheted necklaces made from "ladder" or "trellis" yarn, crochet beaded sun hats, mini magnets, paper dolls, and crocheted long fingerless gloves. 
I found a good pattern for crocheted  fingerless gloves called "lacy fingerless gloves at
It's an easy pattern and you can alter the size to fit anyone or any gauge yarn by adjusting the numbers of stitches you start with ie it has to be a multiple of 8 plus 5 for the pattern to work.
I will try and add a photo of the things I made here onto this post at a later stage so please look back here later.
All the Best and Happy Crafting!!
CateW :0)

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