Cate's Spider stitch crocheted hairband pattern.

Hi All!
These hairbands are really quick and fun to crochet.


These hairbands are really quick and fun to crochet, ideal for charity bazaars. Here are the instructions to crochet them:
MATERIALS: Cascade Fixation (98.3% cotton, 1.7% elastic). This yarn is ideal for this project as it makes a very soft and stretchy headband, very comfortable for those fussy tweenies and teens and it comes in some great girly colours and also in black, dark purple plus more. 1 ball makes two or three hairbands depending on the size of hairband. 1 ball makes 3 child sized hairbands. I crochet 6 lots of the pattern for a young girl and 7 lots for a tweenie or adult.

**** 1 x 4mm (US-size G, UK and Canadian-size 8) crochet hook. Using a smaller hook will make a smaller hairband as seen in above photos. Please use the size hook you are most comfortable with using. A 4mm hook suited me the best, it may not suit you. Exact gauge does not matter so much with the finished size in this project.
 **** 1 x knitters and tapestry sewing needle big enough to thread this yarn.

INSTRUCTIONS: (Please note: These instructions are written using U.S. crochet terminology). Ch 17 loosely leaving an end long enough to sew hairband together later on.

Row 1: (Right side) Dc in fourth ch from hook (3 skipped chs count as first dc),dc in each remaining ch across to end (15dc).

Row 2: Ch3, (counts as first dc, now and throughout), turn; dc in next 3dc, 3ch, tr in next dc, (skip next 2dcs, tr in next ch) twice, ch3, dc in last 4chs.

Row 3 and 4: Ch3, turn; dc in next 3dc, ch3, skip next ch-3 space, sc in next 3 trebles, ch 3, skip next ch-3 space, dc in last 4dc.

Row 5: Ch3, turn; dc in next 3dc, skip next 3ch space, tr in next sc, (ch2, tr in next sc) twice, skip next 3ch space, dc in last 4dc.

Rows 6 and 7: Ch3, dc in each stitch across, including chs, (ie you do not need to put hook into the actual ch stitches themselves just dc "under and around" each ch)(15dc).

Repeat Rows 2-7 five times plus rows 2-6 once more for an adult or teenager’s hairband or until desired length ie one less repeat for a young child.

You should have two thread ends left. To finish off; sew in one of the ends and use the other to hand stitch the two ends of the hairband together neatly with a flat seam using a blunt ended tapestry needle, as described above under "materials".

Copyright: CateW, November 7th 2011. Please do not post or publish this pattern elsewhere and use only for personal or charitable uses.

The pattern for this hairband is also available free as a PDF download on by searching for "Cate's soft, stretchy spider stitch hairband". Please check out my other patterns on at "Catherine Weaver's Ravelry Store".
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Cate's pattern to tailor-make your own crochet tu-tu dress to fit your Doll or Bear.
Pic of my tailor made crocheted teddy/doll tu-tu ( see pattern below)
Hi everyone!
Here are instructions on how to tailor-make a crocheted tu-tu for teddy bears or dolls.
Hook size: Select whatever size hook is appropriate for the yarn you are using.
Note: This pattern is written using Australian/British crochet terms. American crochet terms written are in brackets.
Starting with the waistband:
Make enough chains to fit around your Bear's/doll's waist.
Do not join.
Ch1, turn, dc (sc) in each chain to end. Do not join.
Hold waistband around bear's/doll's waist with opening at the back. Place markers on top of waistband at right and left hand side of bear's chest to mark points to crochet between for tu-tu's bib. Slip stitch to 1st marker.
Ch1, dc (sc) to next marker and continue thusly in rows between the markers until desired length is reached, approximately up to bear's neck. Do not finish. Do not turn.
Shoulder strap (make 2):
Continuing from the top corner of the bib; Make as many chains as will reach over the bears shoulder to top of waistband at the back, directly below the shoulder. Attach shoulder strap you've just made with being careful not to twist it.
Ch1, turn, dc (sc) along shoulder strap in each chain to end. to top corner of bib and finish off.
Attach thread to other corner of the bib and make 2nd strap to match first. 
Rejoin yarn onto bottom edge of wasitband. Ch1, 2dc (2sc) into each unused loop of foundation chain to end.
3ch, turn, 2tr (2dc) in each dc (sc) to end.
Repeat last row until desired length is reached.
Note: Some experimentation may be necessary to achieve the desired degree and placement of frilling on the skirt. Multiple stitches into a single stitch in every stitch of the skirt's row will result in frilling. No more than three stitches into every stitch would be necessary. Where you place this frilling and how much of it you create is up to your particular preference.
Finishing Off:
Sew in all threads except the last one made, then sew up the back seam of the tu-tu, up to and including the waistband, with this last thread.
A halter neck can be created by positioning a single shoulder strap to the correct length back around the bears neck and attaching it to the front of the opposite side of the bib with a bead or decorative button, do not attach strap to bib with a slst. The strap consists of a row of chains, turning and crocheting dc's (sc's) into each chain as described above for shoulder strap. To facilitate the bead or button a small loop must be incorporated into the end of the strap.
Copyright: Cathy Weaver, June 13th 2001
Well I do hope some of you can get some use out of these instructions.
All the best,
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Soda lid pincushion ring Instructions and pics.

How a soda lid pincushion ring is worn.

A selection of soda lid pincushion rings.

Hi Everyone,
Here is a couple of pics of the soda lid pincushion rings we made at my last local CWA meeting. The materials are very cheap and include the lid of a P.E.T. soft drink ( ie the lid of a soda pop bottle like Coke or whatever),  a short length of hat elastic, a small circle of scrap fabric, a little bit of polyester stuffing, a little bit of braid or lace, a sewing needle, some sewing thread to match the fabric circle and some Tacky glue, and a toothpick to apply glue. Do I need to include full intructions here? I would think they could be made by looking at the photos.

I will give you a hint: stitch a tacking stitch around the edge of the circle to help gather "the cushion" in nicely before you add the stuffing. You can always adjust it by pulling on the tacking thread to tighten.

Oh, another tip: make two holes through the bottom of the plastic bottle lid with a hot metal skewer. This can be done easily if you have gas cooking top ie just stick the end of the metal skewer into the gas flame til it heats then make the two holes in the plastic lid with it.

Estimate the length of the hat elastic you'll need by wrapping a length around your finger plus allow extra for the knots. 

**** Don't forget to apply glue to the underside of the lid so that the fabric and stuffing will stay put and also glue the braid/lace onto the outside of the lid to finish.

Feel free to ask questions if you don't follow.

All the Best and Happy Crafting!!
CateW :0)


Cate's crocheted mini bell pattern.

My crocheted mini bells ( see pattern below).

I make these up to use as wedding favours for a wrist charm for brides, to top the wedding cake or as a small momento for a friend's golden wedding Anniversary, but it could also be made up as a Christmas tree ornament or dec on a Christmas wreath. Metallic or cotton thread can be used in any colour that suits your purpose. I like using white or gold metallic thread for these. After crocheting them up and sewing in the thread I use sugar solution to stiffen them with.

**** The pattern for these bells are available for sale for $US5.00 each as a PDF download on by searching for "Cate's lacy mini bell". Please check out my other patterns on at "Catherine Weaver's Ravelry Store".
All the Best!
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Cate's Crocheted Lacy Pineapple Stitch Milk Jug (creamer) Cover pattern.

Picture of My Lacy Milk Jug Cover ( see pattern below)

Another pic of My Lacy Milk Jug Cover

Hi all!
The pattern for this beaded milk jug (creamer) cover is available for sale for $US6.00 each as a PDF download on by searching for "Cate's pineapple lace beaded creamer cover". Please check out my other patterns on at "Catherine Weaver's Ravelry Store".
 All the Best!!
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