Friday, September 30, 2011

KIDS CRAFTS for holiday time.

Hi All!
I've just completed a successful week of kids crafting with some very happy and satisfied young crafters.
One of our young students, only six years old, made six memory wire bracelets and a witchy-poo card in the two-hour session!! Once she got the knack of how to hold and thread the wire with the beads she was away, there was no stopping her!
Here's some pics of the crafts Carrie (not her real name) and I made with the kids:

We made memory or remembrance wire beaded bracelets with the kids. These are not the actual ones the girls made since they took they're bracelets home with them.
What they did make was pretty spectacular.

Beady aliens. Using some glow-in-the-dark beads can add some real interest.

This is a sample of the Witchy-poo card we made. We made a simplified version with our kids; ie without the round cutout and magic spells at the front.

If you're from Melbourne, Australia, good quality memory wires are available for a good price from "Theos Discount Crafts" at 3 Macquarie Place, Boronia. Another Melbourne stockist is "Spacetraders" in St Kilda and you can order from them online.  If you're from overseas a search in Google or another search engine for "memory wire" or "remembrance wire" should bring up some stockists that will sell online to you or look out for it at your local craft supplies stockist.

The Witchy-poo card features a turning wheel held in place with a brad. Inside the little round window on the front of this card are written magic words and spells so the card can be used as a game; ie  kids can take turns turning the wheel so that a new magic spell or word appears which the child can cast or act out.

I sourced my pony beads (9mmx 6mm) for the Beady aliens online through e-Bay. The patterns for these came from a Beady kit I bought years ago. This kit, as far as I know, is no longer available unfortunately but give the kids an idea and they'll run with it creating they're very own alien beady designs. You can use scooby plastic for these but I just used some thin plastic tubing I found at a hardware shop. It's exactly the same sort of stuff just heaps cheaper.

That's it for now!
All the Best and Happy Crafting!!
CateW :0)

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