Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hi All!
Just wanted to let you know of a very worthwhile charity crafting exercise; making and donating Trauma Dolls for kids in hospitals.

I had my friends stuffing trauma dolls at my last social craft group meeting on Wednesday. One member had sewn some up out of the pre-washed calico you use for these dolls, and we were all turning them inside out and stuffing them ready for my mother to stitch closed. No face, hair, clothing or whatever is put on these dolls. They are perfectly plain calico dolls ready for doctors and children to draw on etc to help explain to each other what will happen, where the pain is etc, whilst the child is in hospital. Each child gets to keep and decorate the doll as she/he sees fit. I imagine any hospital that has child patients would find them a useful tool and soothing to the kids too. They are approximately 39cm tall (15 inches tall). Please see below attached scanned image of one, (the legs, arms and head are a bit cut off in this photo but you can still see the general shape of it).

When sewing the doll up remember to leave about a 6cm (a bit over 2 inches long) opening on the outside of one of the legs so you can fill the doll with stuffing, then hand stitch the opening close.

All the Best and Happy Crafting!!
CateW :0)

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