Saturday, October 22, 2011

Picture of my yarn necklace, LINK to free pattern for Lion Brand Trellis yarn necklace and how to substitute different brands of trellis yarn to make your own.

Hi All!
Here is the Link to a free trellis yarn necklace pattern, as I have made many times from Lion Brand and also other finer types of trellis yarn, for my Fred Hollows charity crafts stall. See picture of one my attempts below. See below tips for using alternative brands to Lion Brand as Lion Brand Trellis Yarn is now discontinued.
This site has a nice picture of one made. There are other patterns around that are exactly the same but easier to read and better set out but this one has the good photo.

I made this one from another brand of Trellis yarn ie not Lion Brand as this brand is now discontinued.

I have also used Sirdar Fireply,Twinkly Trail from JL and Eros II from Plymouth yarn company. There are also others out there. These alternatives are usually thinner in width than Lion Brand and have a more crinkled look when made up. It comes in many lovely colours including many multi-coloured trellis yarns not just plain colours.

Fortunately I was able to track down a few balls of Lion Brand Trellis Yarn before it was impossible to get and I worked out measurements, which I will share with you now, for each of the seven lengths of chain stitch required to make up this necklace. Here they are starting from the longest length: 

Make one length of chain stitch to each of the following lengths, with a crochet hook is the easiest (and I don't think it matters if the yarn twists as you go but by all means keep it untwisted if you want a slightly smoother look); 65cm (about 26 inches), 55cm (about 22 inches), 45cm(about 18 inches), 40cm(about 16 inches), 35cm(about 14 inches), 30cm(about 12 inches) and 25cm (about 10 inches).
Then follow the instructions using the pattern I have given at the store.knitting-warehouse website, URL as above, to construct it. In this way you can substitute any Trellis yarn brand and still get the lengths right.
Another tip: Once the lengths are all crocheted I find it is easier to tie the ends up together in a knot evenly if you lay them out flat in ascending order in front of you on a table first, ie smallest chain at the top, longest chain at the bottom with the ends as close together as you can, then tie them together in a slip type knot but pull the ends totally through.

**** Please note: This necklace can be made without a crochet hook if you prefer not to use one.

All the Best and Happy Crafting!!
CateW :0)

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