Thursday, August 22, 2013


Hi All!
I haven't been able to post for a while. Our computer died, I've been ill on and off with a stubborn infection for two months, I've been fitness training still when I can and have a lot of stuff to keep up with like CWA, my craft group, various charity projects and fundraisers besides what I do for The Fred Hollows Foundation. Also I've been trying to get my "affairs" in order so that my family will never be left in the lurch anytime in the future. I still have to do the round of a couple of specialist Drs next week and I want to have my eyes tested ( well overdue), get new glasses, go the dentist for a check-up ( also overdue) and make a few changes to my Will. No, I'm not about to drop off my perch! I just don't ever want my family to suffer from financial stress when the time does come, whenever that may be.

Our May, June and July market stalls for The Fred Hollows Foundation were a bit on the quiet side. We continue to get a lot of very positive feedback from customers & raise much more than it "costs". Please note: we hold extra fundraisers to pay for the costs of having the charity crafts stalls at The Nunawading Market nothing comes out from e=what we raise at this market. It all goes to The Fred Hollows Foundation- See more at:

One of the other charity projects I'm involved with is;  "Knitted Knockers", which are machine washable prothesis for women who have had mastectomy surgery knitted from very soft 8ply (DK or sportsweight) cotton yarn. If you Google "Knitted Knockers" you'll find patterns for them using both double pointed needles and two regular needles. Here in Australia we are going to knit them in 8ply cotton from The Bendigo Woollen Mills and with 4mm pairs of knitting needles. We are hoping some Country Women's Association of Victoria members will volunteer to knit for us plus gain help from the Knitter's Guild and Rotary and anyone else that wishes to help. We hope to pay for the pattern and cotton for any volunteer knitters with grant money.

All the Best and Happy Crafting!!
CateW :0)