Saturday, October 22, 2011

Picture of my crocheted cloche hat with Irish roses and tips.

Hi All!
Here are a couple of  pictures of one of the crocheted cloche hats I made for my charity stall.

Crocheted Irish Rose cloche hat.

A closer up view which shows the stitches better.
These are quick to make. The pattern for this came from  the book "Crochet Hats!" by U.S. author Candi Jensen. The pattern I used is on page 76 "Retro Flowers" I added a picot edge for mine and used a different pattern for the flower ie an Irish Rose and stitched 6 x 4mm pearls into a ring in the centre of each rose.
I crocheted mine out of Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 8ply. You can order online from them and they will ship to overseas in the U.S. or U.K or wherever. You could substitute DK or sportsweights yarn for this and use a 4mm (or size US G/6 or size UK 8) crochet hook.

All the Best and Happy Crocheting!!
CateW :0)

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