Sunday, July 24, 2011

The crocheted afghan rug I made for my niece.

The afghan I made for my niece all spread out.
A closer up shot of the stitching.
Hi All again!!
Here is a couple of pics, including a closer up shot of the stitches, of the latest crocheted Mile-A-Minute afghan (rug) I made for my niece's seventh birthday. It took a year to make with many breaks to do other things. I made it using Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply ( like Sportsweight or DK) Classic and Allegro with a 4mm hook. The pink /mauve colour was in Allegro the cranberry and cream colours were in Classic. Bendigo Woollen Mills sell their wool online on their website and I think they do ship overseas to the U.S. and Britain and allover too. The Classic and Allegro are beautiful 100% pure, soft Australian wools.

It's a big blanket for a young girl but I'm hoping she'll keep it for life as an heirloom to continue my Grandmother's tradition of making crocheted blankets for all her grandchildren. All my nieces and nephews, bar the youngest, who is still only 15 moths old, and my two sisters all have a crocheted rug that I've made plus I've sold a few. All of them are Mile-A-Minute designs; less ends to sew in that way especially if you use 200gram balls or cones that have no joins, (usually), like I use. They crochet up quickly especially if you use 12ply (like U.S. worsted weight) and a 6mm hook.

Please note: I'm not taking any orders to make these. It's just a family thing now that I do.

All the Best and Happy Crafting!!
CateW :0)

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