Sunday, July 3, 2011

What have I got myself into now!!!

Hi All!
As with many community and not-for-profit organisations being a member can have its hazards (tongue in cheek).
My local group with the C.W.A. of Victoria (our group comprises of four branches) is setting up a blog and Mum and I thought we'd go to an information day about it. When we got there "word" had already spread that Mum and I were going to be co-webmasters of this blog!! So it seems we have "volunteered" for the task. I'm not complaining mind you I wanted to volunteer for it anyway. It's just too bad if I had decided I didn't want the job after the info session.

Had one of the group members, from another branch, Eileen, (not her real name), come yesterday to get a lesson from me on blogs and working with computer files and folders etc in general as well. That was fun. She's into crafts too so Mum, Eileen and I had a great chat and afternoon tea.

Eileen may be willing help me to find some other outlets for Crafters For Charity's crafts where we can get better prices for them. I didn't ask her about this. She brought it up herself and suggested the following: She suggested we share a stall, thus halving the costs for each of us. A couple of markets in more affluent areas were mentioned. Probably would have to get up at 4.30am in the morning to set up!!! Yikes!! I reckon I could manage it though. I'd need a couple of days off after each of these markets to recover though, :0). We're talking about only going twice a year or so to each of the two markets we discussed. Any more than that and it may be difficult to keep these new stalls plus my regular charity craft stalls stocked up. All these stalls would all be for The Fred Hollows Foundation of course, except for Eileen's crafts I guess she'd keep funds from any sales she made for herself.

What else has happened? Of yes! Trying to organise a kids' crafts school holiday program at my local Neighbourhood House (where I have my social craft group I mentioned before. It's like a community house where you can do all sorts of courses etc for a reasonable price. Local council pays for alot of it plus grants they manage to obtain). Got days and times picked out. Got two keen volunteers to join me and may get another one or two to help out. Plan to make beaded memory wire bracelets, beaded animals, have Mr Squiggle-type drawing games, doodling and drawing, maybe some stamping and cardmaking and bookmark making with the kids. Having two x 2-hour sessions hopefully, a morning one and an afternoon one, to give parents a choice. Will have max of 24 kids per session. It's all a trial. Parents will only have to pay $20 for the 2-hour session per child.

Anyway enough gabbing!! It's nearly dinner time!!
All the Best and Happy Crafting!!
CateW :0)

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