Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pincushion rings.

How a pincushion ring is worn.
An assortment of pincushion rings.

Hi Everyone,
Here is a couple of pics of the pincushion rings we made at my last local CWA meeting. The materials are very cheap and include the lid of a P.E.T. soft drink ( ie soda pop like Coke or whatever) bottle,  a short length of hat elastic, a small circle of scrap fabric, a little bit of polyester stuffing, a little bit of braid or lace, a sewing needle, some sewing thread to match the fabric circle and some Tacky glue, and a toothpick to apply glue. Do I need to include full intructions here? I would think they could be made by looking at the photos.

I will give you a hint: stitch a tacking stitch around the edge of the circle to help gather "the cushion" in nicely before you add the stuffing. You can always adjust it by pulling on the tacking thread to tighten.

Oh, another tip: make two holes through the bottom of the plastic bottle lid with a hot metal skewer. This can be done easily if you have gas cooking top ie just stick the end of the metal skewer into the gas flame til it heats then make the two holes in the plastic lid with it.

Estimate the length of the hat elastic you'll need by wrapping a length around your finger plus allow extra for the knots. 

**** Don't forget to apply glue to the underside of the lid so that the fabric and stuffing will stay put and also glue the braid/lace onto the outside of the lid to finish.

Feel free to ask questions if you don't follow.

All the Best and Happy Crafting!!
CateW :0)

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